The very very important article below is by Khun CHULARAT SAENGPASSA (The Nation). I hope all my Thai friends read it. Our current school system is among the worst in the world. Our kids deserve the same chance as all other nations give their kids. Khun Chularat points on the main reason why they don’t get it. PLEASE DON’T DESTROY ALL THAI KIDS FUTURE! Give them a fair chance to be active members of the world community we all live in.

THE upcoming National Children’s Day presents another opportunity for the country to contemplate how it has been shaping and cultivating its children.

If Thailand expects its citizens to become more creative, self-confident and analytical, we need to create an environment in which children can grow and feel comfortable about doing things differently and raising questions.

Take a look at the circumstances that Thai kids find themselves in.

By culture, Thais appreciate nice, polite manners, particularly among kids. Most parents, though not all, want their children to be obedient and do what they are told to do.

Most teachers also expect pretty much the same.

Children who do things their own way quickly get reprimanded, rather than taught how they should express themselves.

Arguing with parents is seen as a form of disrespect towards one’s guardians. Raise a few questions in class and teachers will wonder if a particular student is trying to challenge them.

Since 1959, the prime minister has carved out a new motto for Thai kids every year. Most of these have put an emphasis on diligence, economising, honesty and morality.

For last year’s Children’s Day, Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha gave the slogan “With knowledge and morality comes a brighter future”.

To mark Children’s Day this Saturday, his slogan is “Good kids shall persevere and study hard for the future”.

All the qualities mentioned in these mottoes are good, but the point is that Thailand also needs other qualities to shine in the population.

Some important skills needed this century in the labour force include innovative and analytical thinking, plus creativity.

Many experts say that Thai kids should do better academically, but there is little action to nurture them that way in Thailand.

Look at how a 15-year-old schoolgirl, known widely as ‘Ploy’, recently faced the threat of a lawsuit after she participated in a citizen’s TV initiative and reported on how the waterway in her home town appeared to have been harmed by the operation of a nearby gold-mine.

The mining firm lodged a complaint against her for alleged defamation, even though her report did not mention its name at all.

A lawyer for the company even went as far as contacting her school director in a bid to arrange a meeting – to get the girl to apologise for the report.

The girl’s mother has admitted that she feels worried and hopes that her daughter will not join any further extracurricular activity.

Before ‘Ploy’ got into hot water for her courage to speak up about the adverse environmental impacts in her hometown, a Mathayom 5 student faced temporary detention for unfurling a banner at a forum attended by the prime minister.

The boy, Parit Chiwarak, showed up at the event with the hope of airing his opinions that the government should place a stronger emphasis on philosophy than on history or civic duty, but he had hardly spoken a word when security officials grabbed him.

Although Parit was released soon after, he has found that his life is not the same as it was before the incident, as police have started monitoring his activities.

In one of his Facebook posts, Parit said: “I am just an ordinary student who stood up to demand a better education for Thai students.”

He also insisted that he is not affiliated with any political group.

Despite his explanations, Parit has been attacked by several people on social media, who suspect he may have had a hidden political agenda.

While ‘Ploy’ and Parit remain firm in their intention to pursue what they believe is right, the trouble they have had to face shows that Thai society does not provide children with many opportunities to express themselves, or experiment with their ideas and develop accountability in the process.

If Thai children are to grow up to become quality and mature adults, Thai culture needs to support self-expression, self-confidence and self-esteem as much as other great virtues like honesty, responsibility and politeness.

Let’s give Thai children a precious gift. Let them learn by doing, asking questions when they need answers, exploring solutions, and experimenting with ideas, some of which may turn out to be great.

Thai Broadcast Journalists Association (TBJA) president Thepchai Yong has commented that Ploy has exercised her fundamental right to express her opinion and did it with a pure intent – protecting her community and locals’ quality of life.

“If the firm thinks her opinions are not accurate, it should provide information it thinks is right to the public, to create the right understanding, instead of taking legal action,” he said.

Indeed, we must all take care not to threaten and intimidate children who speak up. We need more people who agree to nurture Thai kids the right way. More than 14,000 people have already signed an online petition to demand that the mining firm withdraw its complaint against Ploy. But we need more such people to boost Thai culture, so that our kids can grow up stronger and wiser.

With a constructive culture, kids can fully develop their potential, while acquiring accountability along the way, and eventually making a positive contribution to Thai society.

Published : 3 September, 2015 @ 2:46 pm

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After reading this blog ( I have to admit that some people are smarter than others. As said in the blog “Living in a third world country (i.e. Thailand) is not always easy.”

Published : 1 September, 2015 @ 10:17 am


This is the longest King I have seen. And as a Kings he sure has his crown on top of his head. Welcome to the kingdom. I’m sure he will take well care of you, should you meet.

PS. The picture is probably not from Thailand but it could have been. I’ve had Kings like this showing up for a nice garden meal in my previous Bangkok home, several times (Sukhumvit 16)


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Thonglor police said today they are tracking down the Porsche driver who was filmed driving the wrong way out of Sukhumvit Soi 16 in the morning to avoid taking two u-turns.


I drive from Hua Hin to Bangkok every Monday morning. I meet at least 10 cars driving against the traffic each Monday morning (and I have even met Police cars doing it). and i have lived on soi 16 (where the Porsche on the pictures is driving out from). If the police had an officer on the corner of Soi 16 and Asoke he would probably see one or two cars driving against the traffic towards Sukhumvit or to the Exchange Tower building every hour.

I think the problem is the hazard lights. Many Thai drivers seems to believe that everything is legal as long as they switch on their hazard lights.

And when talking about hazard lights. It would be smart teaching Thai drivers that they shouldn’t use their hazard lights every time they drive straight ahead in a junction! When seeing the cars slightly from front you only see the lights blinking on one side and you obviously believe they will turn that direction. Very dangerous situations happens often when they instead of turning are crossing the road!

Well, all this ends in the biggest Thai problem: EDUCATION (or the lack of the same) It’s important to educate our population about facts, not about ghosts and fantasies

Published : 11 August, 2015 @ 6:09 pm



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Saturday last week a Swedish Prince married a girl of the commoners and by doing so Sweden got (probably) the most human, kind, caring, sexy and beautiful Princess in the world. Princess Sofia will certainly become the best PR person for the survival of the European royalties as an institution.

Published : 29 April, 2015 @ 5:07 pm


BANGKOK Coconuts 2015-04-29:  “A fad for dressing in nostalgic, traditional costume may get more encouragement in the form of free stuff. Beside shopping mall discounts, those sporting traditional Thai garb could also get free access to tourist attractions under a plan proposed by the Ministry of Culture. To fuel the idea that dressing old-school Thai is cool, the ministry is identifying more ways to motivate people to keep it alive, and one of those is giving free access to some museums and archaeological sites.”

The illustrations above are from 1939 when the dictator wanted to describe the difference between TRADITIONAL THAI COSTUMES (seen to the left), which he prohibited for future use, and MODERN THAI COSTUMES (seen to the right) which became mandatory by law.

Published : 21 April, 2015 @ 7:45 am

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A woman those opinions matters to me, sent me an article about  a young Norwegian girl who got mental health problems due to the fact that she thought her pussy was “abnormal”. She didn’t understand that women look different due to the fact that women’s pussies and tits are taboo subjects (the same goes for men’s dicks) and most people will never be allowed to see close-up pictures of other peoples genitals or female breast. This is one of the reasons I argue for the freedom of being nude in public and the freedom of showing nudity in media. 

A little side note, it is in our beautiful country, in  most US states and most other countries prohibited to be topless in public for women. We take that as some sort of natural law as we accepted the same law for men until the 1930′s (exposed male chests were considered a public offence in the US until the 1930′s). I don’t know many men of today who would accept a law prohibiting them from taking their shirt off in public a right we here in Thailand had for women as well until 1939! What has women done which is so bad, that we can’t let them be our equals? Haven’t we moved at all during the past 80 years???


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I do hope you enjoy what you see because this is how Thailand looked like before 1939 when Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsonggram destroyed our thousand year old cultural heritage. I’ve searched to find a video like this from Thailand but it seems that everything reminding us of our true culture was destroyed during General Plaek’s dictatorship.

There has been written much in the media and in various forums online about how some Thai and even worse, some Farang, have obused Thai culture by being topless or having t-shirts getting transparent under all the water. Here are a few clips from the media:

Manager Online said the second clip, which is 30 seconds long, was recorded on the Pattaya Beach Road Tuesday. The clip showed a western woman with pink brassier appearing drunk.  She danced and then removed the bra in front of a lot of Songran revelers. Some revelers also took their selfies with the farang woman. Weerapat Phattaranukul commented that the woman should be arrested and taught about Thai culture. Ekkasit Muangkaew said had the woman exposed herself in Cambodia, she would have been deported, etc…

I guess the comments are from descendants to Chinese families, from people  having no idea about Thai culture and certainly not giving a damn about Thai culture.

I do hope our government will see the beauty in our own culture and start promoting the real Thai. The beautiful Thai culture. The rich Thai culture. The multifaceted Thai culture. The Thai culture that makes us all happy and  smiling. Our dear PM said he should bring back happiness to Thailand. I think bringing back Thai culture would be a first step in that direction.

For isn’t that what being Thai is all about, being free, being happy and making others happy?






Some of my farang friends have never seen a snake when they’ve been in Thailand. Most of them don’t believe we have any so I thought it was about time showing them how our favorite garden pets look like.

Published : 9 April, 2015 @ 8:47 am

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A Uni girl called Naruemon Kukkii has uploaded this clip. I don’t know if it is her or one of her friends doing the video but it couldn’t have been done better. As she, or whoever it is, is talking into the camera, there’s a motorbike accident happening right behind her! Not even Spielberg or Lucas could have come up with a better plot!



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Songkran is all about happiness – and water. Happiness means different to different people. If we put rules around it we will kill what has become the worlds most well-know Water Festival and probably our most famous tourist attraction.

And yes, it is considered a very positive tourist attraction among most tourists. If we make it a Chinese folklore saga it will be as boring as our Loy Krathong (seen with tourist eyes), which looks nice on photos but is among most tourists consider a really over sold event.




“Phuket police are cracking down on inappropriate Songkran celebrations this year. Local authorities have barred alcohol in water-play zones, sexy outfits, sexy dancing and water-fight trucks. The crackdown follows a national order to support a traditional Songkran festival, which will run from April 13-14.Chanthongbai says celebrants should dress appropriately and suggests participants wear traditional Thai costumes. Those partaking in the festival should also avoid inappropriate dancing and behavior.”

Dear Ministry of Culture; I would like to know your interpretation of the following quote “authorities have barred sexy outfits and suggests participants wear traditional Thai costumes”. Are you referring to the current Chinese costume dictate that prohibit Thai women from wearing Traditional (topless) Thai Costumes or are you actually asking Thai women to dress as you promote in your advert above, which by all historical facts is Traditional Thai dress code? I have a strong feeling that you’re not.

Please stop your Chinese Cultural Imperialism. Yes we all know that most of you are probably Chinese descendants and that you, very rightfully, highly respect your rich Chinese cultural heritage. I do to. But we live in Thailand, a country with its own beautiful heritage and traditions. Yes I agree they’re different from those in the countries where our families came from – but they are not worse than ours, they are just different and we as those who moved to this beautiful country, should respect and revere the country and culture we have moved to.


This 1900 portrait shows a Thai woman in a traditional costume that was deemed inappropriate after the laws on Thai dress were enacted in the early 1940s.

The Cultural Mandates or State Decrees (Thai: รัฐนิยม; rtgs: ratthaniyom; literally ‘State fashion’ or ‘State customs’) were a series of 12 edicts issued between 1939 and 1942 by the government of Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsonggram during his first period as Prime Minister and military dictator of Thailand. The mandates aimed to change the Thai culture to something more Chinese. We still have his (Chinese) strict moral dressing code. Pity, Thailand could have been so much more interesting if it went back to its own cultural heritage.

A nice suggestion to our Ministry of Culture and our Ministry of tourism: Please start promoting authentic Thai culture. If you do I’m sure we will see huge increase in our tourism. What tourists want is authentic culture so please, please stop promoting Chinese culture in Thailand. Chinese culture is great but if anyone really wants to see it they should see it in China – not in Thailand



It was reported that a taxidriver had abandoned a family of foreign tourists with a baby and luggage on an expressway in Bangkok. That wasn’t true but whether it was true – or not wasn’t the worst thing about this bad reporting. The worst thing is that nobody challenged it. Everybody believed it because everybody believed it could happen!! That says so much more about our reputation in the eyes of us who live here, but even worse, among those who could be our returning tourists!

Dear friends at the Ministry of Culture and dear friends at the Ministry of Tourism: please get your priorities right.



Corporate Directors of Thailand name Corruption as their top concern while Tourists name Littering as one of their top concerns. I guess none of them can be tackled without major changes in Thai society

The corruption problem and the littering problem have to be tackled structurally and socially from both sides of the table. We need to educate our society about them, starting with our kids and we need to have laws punishing the perpetrators. It could be done in Singapore so why shouldn’t it be possible to enforce it here as well?



In recent years the sales of insects for food has become a major alternative revenue stream for many of our farmers. Thailand is today the leading importer of insects in Southeast Asia! According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Thailand imports an estimated 800 tons of edible insects from Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Another 370 tons of silkworm pupae are imported from China.

Eating insects has long been a custom in Isaan, but demand is now growing in other parts of the country as well. Restaurants, like Krok Mai Thai Lao in Bangkok, are serving insect dishes that were once only served in the northern parts of Thailand. Outside of fresh markets and restaurants, frozen edible insects are popping up in the freezer section of supermarkets all throughout Bangkok. Various spices of grasshoppers are the biggest draw but giant water bugs, bamboo caterpillars and silkworm pupae are also very popular.

By the way, it’s not a bad future income source for the daring. We’re currently having around 20,000 cricket farms! Altogether, these farms produce 7,500 tons of crickets each year, earning them $30 million, a the figure which probably will rise fast as we have huge problems feeding our much too fast growing world population.



Nikita Klæstrup, from the Danish Conservative Party is according to our Culture Ministry a villain and could face up to five years in jail should she be dressed the same way for Thai gala dinners as she is dressed in Denmark while attending Political Party diners!

Thailand’s computer crimes act 2007 bans material that causes “damage to the country’s security or causes public panic” or “any obscene computer data which is accessible to the public”. It seems that our Culture Ministry hasn’t changed much since Thaksin’s days. On Monday they warned women against posting photos of the lower half of their breasts saying their actions could violate the country’s computer crime laws and said offenders faced up to five years in jail.

Not easy to understand the people at our Culture Ministry, on the picture above we have two Danish Conservative Party politicians, one showing the upper half of her tits and the other showing the lower half of her tits. None of them showing nipples. Reading the communication from our Culture Ministry it seems that the Politician to the left is violating the law while the Politician to the right is obeying the law, should they be dressed like this while attending a similar dinner in Thailand…

I’m not sure I understand the logic in this and I certainly don’t understand how it can be obscene, how any of the two girls can damage our national security and how any of them can cause public panic.

Published : 11 March, 2015 @ 8:23 am

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Bangkok is by all means one of the biggest cities in the world with a population bigger than most European countries and an area way bigger than many city states so what could be more natural than having a Fast Taxi service???

Published : 10 March, 2015 @ 5:18 pm


There has been several reports in the media today about a teacher slapping all her students on their cheeks with one of her shoes before they left the class room – OK they had been naughty so they deserved to remember their teacher for the rest of their life’s but don’t worry, she wasn’t that bad, she actually cleaned her shoe with her own blouse before slapping her teenage students with it! The story doesn’t tell what she did with her blouse after having used it to clean her shoe…

The Teachers Council of Thailand will take proactive steps to improve their teachers morals and professional ethics as sexual misconduct has remained the topmost complaint against the educators. The council will distribute a new handbook detailing case studies of professional violations including sex-related misconduct, teaching without professional license and school financial cheats. Of the total complaints filed on teachers, almost half are related to sexual violations, mostly about marriage cheats and molesting and raping minors.



The National Reform Council and Constitutional Drafting Committee have proposed the creation of an independent Ethics Assembly to define and police our ethics in business and public life. The proposal for a 55-member Ethics Assembly was endorsed last week and will now probably being cemented in law by the new Constitution.

According to the proposal, the prime minister, opposition leader, House speaker, a representative of the Supreme Court and perhaps a representative of the university rectors’ council would appoint the selection committee to pick the assembly members. The problem is of course how to ensure that the 55 good men and women have higher moral principles than the rest of us. I’m sorry to say it but this isn’t a good idea. Just imagine we get an American controlled, highly corrupt dictatorship again. Would they chose 55 men and women of high moral standards for the masses – or for themselves and the Americans?

In fact, history has already shown that moral excellence plays little or no role in election to power or appointment to public office. Prime ministers, opposition leaders and House speakers are ordinary men and women who have entered the profession of politics. Judges are laymen, not infallible gods, and they make their rulings in accordance with the law, not their personal morality.

In countries with a strong rule of law, politicians, civil servants and state-private deals are regulated and controlled by rigidly enforced laws. Corrupt politicians and officials are prosecuted under the law. Ethics and morality would only blur the boundaries and come under the influence of ideologies, social and cultural norms and religious prejudice.



Thai officials are set to release a two-minute etiquette video in Chinese that warns against public nudity. The video will discourage Chinese tourists from taking their clothes off in inappropriate places like female bathrooms, showers and locker rooms..

The movie has been done after a photo of a woman seen topless in a public bathroom went viral. The woman (nobody knows where she’s from) was reportedly changing to a more appropriate attire for our hot climate in a female bathroom at Don Mueang airport (see my blog on March 3). That behavior was too much for our Ministry of Tourism and Sports which immediately decided to berate our Chinese tourists.

I do wonder how TAT will reach their incoming and revenue goals if they continue to offend their biggest target group???



Sometimes it’s a bit embarrasing when my country men get too drunk – especially when they’re sent out as representatives of the country…

Swedish Top diplomat in Hong kong, Mr. Jorgen Halldin lost his temper after he turned up at the club on Lower Albert Road with a group of 12 people, according to several sources at the club.

He demanded a table immediately for all of his guests although it is club policy that tables in the main bar area accommodate no more than eight people.

Witnesses said the career diplomat shouted at staff and hurled insults in a fit of anger before tearing up his membership card and marching out of the club.

In a memo to members this week, FCC president Jitendra Joshi described a recent incident where a man, which the club did not identify, threw a tantrum because he could not get a table.

“He insulted staff during a loud tirade, and cut up his membership card in disgust. To which all we can say is: good riddance,” Joshi wrote.

Asked by the South China Morning Post if the man was still a member, Joshi said: “If you cut up your card, you’re declaring you don’t want to be part of the club so I don’t know how much clearer you can make that.”




The headline is a quote from a Thai woman who was upset by the presence of half naked Chinese women inside a Don Mueang Airport ladies room. She is not the only one writing about this today. There are loads on various Thai social sites about how Mainland Chinese women change clothes inside Don Mueang Airport Ladies rooms.

Sorry all Thai friends, I just don’t get it, the temperature in Thailand this time of the year might be 20 if not 30 degrees hotter (compared to mainland China) so why shouldn’t our neighbors from North have the right to change to something more comfortable? And where should they change if not in the Ladies bathroom? On the flight? In a restaurant? At check in?  Please get realistic!

In Thai culture, it is considered a big no-no to strip beyond underwear in front of strangers, even in a gym locker room or a student dorm! Well, I do love Thai culture but that doesn’t mean that some things can’t (and should) be changed to something more practical.



I read the following in the Nation: “The ACT (Asean Common Time), which was officially raised at the Asean Foreign Ministerial retreat in January, could be a divisive issue as it impacts on national ways of doing things, especially activities related to religious rituals and ceremonies in the +7 Group. It cut across cultural beliefs and divine orders. In certain cultures, time is sacred and cannot be changed to fit a private calendar or stock market… ..With the new time, Buddhist monks in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos would have to go for their alms early in the morning. Monks in Thailand must return to their respective temples before 7am for their breakfast. In Myanmar, people there would have to move their daily timetable by 90 minutes. It could mean new office hours, which must begin early and end one-and-a-half hours earlier after lunch. That would mean more time with the family in the evening.”

It seems to me the article writer doesn’t understand a shit about time when he/she writes “With the new time, Buddhist monks in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos would have to go for their alms early in the morning. Monks in Thailand must return to their respective temples before 7am for their breakfast” THEY WILL OF COURSE START THEIR DAYS THE SAME TIME AS NOW AND THEY WILL OF COURSE END THEIR JOB THE SAME TIME AS NOW. TIME IS NOT A DEFINITE FACTOR WHEN IT COME TO WHICH TIME WE THINK IT IS! Time is defined by perception. Our own perception of what time it is. If all watches on TV’s on computers, official places etc says it’s 8AM, well then it is 8AM – doesn’t matter if 8AM is GMT +8 or +7. Who the hell think about the Greenwich Meantime factor in our daily life?? We know what time it is in Thailand because all watches in Thailand says the same!

The world is no longer Thailand – and the rest! Thailand is part of the world and is in most essentials very similar to all other countries so why not using a time zone which is most beneficial to us?  If we set our time one hour ahead compared to the time we have today, we will join the same time zone as other countries in SEA, China and Hong Kong. How can we even discuss this matter? We should have changed time zone years ago

Published : 2 March, 2015 @ 1:29 pm


Driving in Thailand has never been easy. Especially for those who actually knows the traffic rules or even worse, for those who knows the traffic rules in any developed country. Seeing motorists driving against the traffic with their hazard lights switched on, or even worse, at night without any lights at all to make sure nobody see them, is more a rule than an exception. I see it hundreds of times every time I drive between Bangkok and Hua Hin. And yes, I see police doing it as well!

We have had a few high profile accidents recently, when bikers have been killed on our roads after having pedaled the entire world without any incidents in any other country, not even in the worst war areas! Our dear Police always start traffic campaigns after these types of high profile traffic deaths but how the hell can they do anything when they have no clue about the most basic traffic rules??

We have to see this problem long term and we should start with education and punishments suitable to the offence:

1. teach our police the most important traffic rules (not driving on the wrong side, stopping at red lights, keeping speed limits, not overtaking where overtaking is prohibited, having front and rear lights on when driving at night, using the lane which is marked for the direction the vehicle is going, keeping stop distance to the vehicle in front, not using the far right lane if not overtaking, not using the emergency lane if not having an emergency, not using the hazard light when doing right or left turns, not using the hazard light if not being in a hazardous situation, no drunk driving)

2. increase the fees so the minimum charge for simple traffic violations is THB 10,000 and each additional violation double the charge (10,000 – 20,000 – 40,000 – 80,000 and so on)

3. consider any drunk driving, driving against the traffic or driving at night without any lights as attempted murder

4. killing anyone in traffic while being drunk, driving against the traffic or driving at night without lights should be charged as murder.

5. make sure all kids get traffic education in school from the age of 6 and make sure they have a test where they must have 9 of 10 right for passing to the next education level.

6. make sure each individual who wants a driving license must pass three different inspectors from different inspector offices before they get their license.

7. make sure the law is equal for all, doesn’t matter how rich Daddy is or if you or your Dad is a police officer

I do hope our soldiers will make the traffic laws, the interpretation of them and the enforcement of them a high priority issue when drafting our new constitution. Any hopes of long lasting tourist revenues is probably more affected by how many tourists getting killed in Thailand per year compared to what some idiots in US think about our legislation and democracy.

Published : 26 February, 2015 @ 11:20 am


I fell over this ad from the 70′s today. Really funny to see how Thai society has changed since my youth. Thailand used to be a far more (sexually) open minded society where big companies like THAI International sponsored the production of soft porn movies like Emanuelle (  and where whisky producers weren’t afraid of showing a Thai woman as they used to be dressed (without bra) before the Chinese Cultural imperialism took over our country.

I certainly fight for equal rights between the sexes, but I also fight for Thai women’s rights to dress how they want – or dress according to Thai (not Chinese) traditions. Hope I will have many followers in my crusade against the bra.

Published : 24 February, 2015 @ 10:33 am


Having seen trendsetters; Irina Shayk, Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid and Rita Ora at the Vanity Fair Oscar’s after party, its very apparent that the current trend for glamorous evening wear is:

1) No Underwear

2) Transparent (or barely covering the most essentials)

3) Black and glitter

Is this a trend we will see from the hands of Patinya, Ukas and all other talented Thai designers in the near future?

Published : 19 February, 2015 @ 1:21 pm

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

Published : 11 February, 2015 @ 9:40 am

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has announced it will distribute more than three million condoms on Valentines Day

The Public Healthy Ministry has proposed that condom vending machines be installed in all secondary schools and vocational colleges.

But the child hating, sex shy, ignorant officials at the National Office of Basic Education Commission said there was no need for such machines since Thai youngsters don’t think that much about sex!.

The Obec’s attitude sums up the problem in Thailand. As long as sex remains a taboo topic among the educators, Thai youngsters will continue to have unprotected sex, not realizing the possible consequences.
Evidence of the consequences of this neglect is clear: While Thailand’s birth rate is in decline, teen pregnancies have increased by 43 per cent over the past decade. A Thai teenager gives birth every four minutes!!! Thailand is among the Top nations in UN’s book of teenage pregnancies so I wonder how much Obec actually knows and cares about our children’s health and education.

Dear members of Obec, please have a look at this video:

YouTube Preview Image

It’s a sex education video for small children (pre school, age 3 to 6 year) called “Snoppen och Snippan” which could be translated as “Jim and Ju” in Thai. It’s a cartoon with funny child music trying to make children aware of the differences between boy and girl at the same time as making it natural to talk about sex and ones sex organs. Some of the video’s lyrics translate as: “Here comes the penis at full pace” and “the vagina is cool, you better believe it, even on an old lady. It just sits there so elegantly”. YouTube classified the video as “adult rated” but changed their rating after intervention from Swedish National TV. The cartoon notched up more than one million views within a day of being uploaded.

I guess there is a reason why Sweden has basically no teen pregnancies and Thailand ranks among the leaders in the world. Or could it be that Swedish teenagers don’t have sex… I guess not ha ha. They probably have more sex than the members of Obec, but they don’t get pregnant and they don’t get AIDS because they know what sex is, how to enjoy it and how to protect themselves.


Published : 9 February, 2015 @ 4:14 pm


I stopped at a traffic light. There were four lanes. One to the left, two going straight and one to the right. I was parked in the right lane of the two lanes going straight. Traffic lights turned green for use going straight and for those turning left. I drove over the street crossing in my lane when my car got hit just behind my right hand side rear wheel. A Toyota Commuter which had been in the lane supposedly turning right (only) and supposedly not moving at all since it was still red light for those turning right, had driven into me.

Well it wasn’t anything major and there was a policeman seeing the entire accident so I assumed it should be a piece of cake. I couldn’t be more wrong! The Police man (not the one on the picture) was very polite and smiling but he couldn’t understand why I claimed it was the minibus driver who had done something wrong, after all he had only pressed himself into the left lane, which went straight forward, which obviously was the lane he should have been in but due to the long queue in the two middle lanes had decided he could use the lane turning right when he drove straight forward. That was according to the Policeman the most normal traffic behavior and if anyone should be blamed it should be me.

As I said above, a very nice and smiling Policeman but that smile covered over his lack of knowledge as those smiles so often do. The Police officer had no clue about the following traffic laws:

1) It’s prohibited to drive against red light

2) It’s prohibited to drive straight forward in a lane designated for right turn only

3) You must always keep such stop distance to the car in front of you. Anyone driving into another vehicle from behind is to be blamed.

The Police officer kept on being nice when he explained to me that I should have let the minibus in (how that should be possible when the minibus tried to push himself into my lane behind me is probably only something a policeman understands) and he continued telling me that each party should pay for its own damage.

Dear Khun Prayuth, please make it a priority educating Thai Police so they at least have the most basic knowledge about the (traffic) laws. The incident today was very embarrassing for the Police (though I doubt he understood that) since there were hordes of high-end tourists (isn’t it those TAT always talk about when they want to increase tourist revenues) watching what happened. It’s exactly incidents like this that make tourists avoid Thailand in the future.




It’s said that nothing is better than its worst detail. That is a pity for Another Hound at Emporium because most is good. To be really honest, most is fabulous. Beautiful interior. Fantastic floors. Great flower decorations. Beautiful table settings. Great view. Beautiful menu card. Great food selection, even a great vegetarian selection. Great healthy juices, I had the best green mango juice I’ve had in my life. And very very good food. So why do I call this restaurant the worst restaurant I ever been to? Well it all comes down to one very important detail: THE STAFFS. I have probably never been in a restaurant with worse staffs, not even in Spain! Unfriendly, arrogant staffs with a I-don’t-give-a-shit-about-our-guests attitude. Small example. We ordered water with our food. We ended up asking for that water five times before we got it – several minutes after we had finished our meal!

Another Hound is apparently part of the Greyhound chain. Pity they didn’t send their staffs at Emporium on training at Greyhound, Thonglo where everything, ALWAYS work perfect.  Yes, Another Hound @ Emporium is certainly another hound than what I’m used to when visiting Greyhound Restaurants. A good advice, keep your kitchen staffs, they’re fantastic but get rid of the rest as soon as possible! Ten turtles in uniform would do a better job.

Published : 7 February, 2015 @ 11:23 am


So it’s Hua Hin weeks. Thailand Classic at Black Mountain. The European and the Asia Tour’s on the same grounds! Thrilling big time but DON’T MISS THE SWEDISH CHEF when you’re there! His name is Mårten and he is the perfect ambassador of Swedish traditional food. You can’t find better Swedish food in Thailand. And it’s hard to find a restaurant with a better view. So lean back and enjoy while you have the chance.


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Couples getting married and or spending their honeymoons in Thailand can use the Premium Fast line when entering Thailand at Phuket and Suvarnabhumi International airports! TAT said that all newlyweds, honeymooners and loving partners (whatever that is) who register at desks located at Phuket and Suvarnabhumi international airports can use the airports’ “premium lane” to take a fast track through often long immigration lines. They will also be eligible for gifts and other privileges, and will be entered into a prize drawing for a chance to win hotel accommodation, spa treatments, and dining vouchers. TAT governor Thawatchai Arunyik said the promotion which begun in 2013 has named Thailand the “Sexiest Romance/Honeymoon Destination in Asia” by readers of Recommend Magazine in the US.

Published : 5 February, 2015 @ 11:10 am


I don’t believe in conspiracy theories but If below is true, there is almost no doubt that the Bush family was involved in the worst attack on the US since Pearl Harbor! Hard to believe but certainly possible. Some people (most of them living in the US and UK) do anything for power and money. I don’t mention any names but I guess many of us know who I’m talking about.

“NEW YORK (AP) — Lawyers for victims of the Sept. 11 attacks say in a lawsuit that they have amassed new evidence that agents of Saudi Arabia “knowingly and directly” helped the hijackers. They say they have obtained sworn testimony from the so-called 20th hijacker to support their claims.

But the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington said in a statement Wednesday that Zacarias Moussaoui’s claims come from a “deranged criminal” and there is no evidence to support them.

Lawyers wrote in papers filed Tuesday in federal court in Manhattan that their claims are supported by an “expansive volume” of previously unavailable U.S. and foreign intelligence reports, congressional testimony, government reports and other information.

Saudi Arabia says results of the most investigated crime in history show no involvement by the Saudi government or officials.”

– © Associated Press 2015-02-05


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I found this on FB by Stephff Tribal Art. Just couldn’t resist re-posting it. So funny!



Locals in Tha Maprow village reported that they had found a dead shark measuring over 3 meters and 300 klos floating in Maprao Bay. When chopping up the shark they found 18 baby sharks found dead inside it. They said that the shark had no signs of any injuries so they thought it died while giving birth.

Tassapon Krajangdara, an official from the Andaman Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center in Phuket, commented after seeing photos of the shark that it appeared to be a bull shark. He continued saying that they don’t harm humans and only preying on small marine creatures such as shrimp, squid and baby turtles. “Don’t worry,” he said. “This one is not a great white shark. We don’t have great whites here in Thailand.”



Since bull sharks often dwell in very shallow waters, they may be more dangerous to humans than any other species of shark and along with the tiger shark, oceanic whitetip and the great white shark, are the four shark species most likely to attack humans.

One or several bull sharks may have been responsible for the Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916, which were the inspiration for novel and movie called Jaws. The speculation of bull sharks possibly being responsible is based on some attacks occurring in brackish and freshwater.

The bull shark is responsible for attacks around the Sydney Harbor inlets. Most of these attacks were previously attributed to great white sharks.

In India, bull sharks swim up the Ganges River and have attacked people.

The bull shark prefers coastal water which is less than 100 feet in depth. This is mostly due to their feeding patterns since they prefer murky waters. This is also a problem since this gives the most interaction with humans. It is known that bull sharks inhabit areas off the coast of Florida, and there have been reports of bull sharks getting close enough to the coast to attack humans since the bull shark is a territorial animal.

Published : 4 February, 2015 @ 3:37 pm

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Thailand has one of the worlds highest, if not the highest, pre-teen pregnancy rates.

Deputy PM, Yongyuth has approved a plan to promote the use of condoms to contain HIV. He said the project would start with installation of condom vending machines in vocation schools before the project would be expanded to other education institutions.

Very, very late but certainly a step in the right direction. Thank you Khun Yongyuth for saving our children!

Published : 30 January, 2015 @ 2:10 pm


The Nation pointed out in an article published today, the ignorant and arrogant similarities between the Ugly American in the 1963 movie starring Marlon Brando and the Ugly American face we all have seen personified by Daniel Russel, assistant secretary of the US State Department for East Asia.

Many Thai reacted with outcry against the US in response to Russel’s inappropriate remarks about Thai politics. Russel questioned whether there had been political motives behind the move to oust Yingluck Shinawatra and the subsequent vote at the National Legislative Assembly to impeach her retroactively and indict her over the rice-pledging scandal and he stressed that “only inclusive political process will lead to long-term stability which is important not just to Thailand but to the United States as well”.

I guess the only honest thing Russel claimed was when he said “only inclusive political process will lead to long-term stability which is important not just to Thailand but to the United States as well” because the real question is not if there were any political motives to oust Yingluck, but which are the motives for US to bring back the Thaksin family to power? And why is the US financing Thaksin’s PR campaigns? And why are there so many US paid internet campaigns going on right now where they try to put all the blame on our King and Soldiers?

Kennedy apparently gave a copy of the Ugly American to all his diplomats. I don’t know if they learned anything from it but it is apparently long forgotten. The Ugly American is uglier than ever.


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THAI is the only remaining National Carrier with a true soul. Who would sit in any of the Americanized dirty cattle busses with wings if it wasn’t for the price? TG just has to get their finances in order so they can trim their ticket prices to something that is only 10-20% higher than their low end competition! Everybody loves TG but nobody likes to pay two or even three times as much just for the love.

THAI president Charamporn Jotikasthira revealed at a press conference that THAI has been given two years to reverse record high losses incurred over the past five quarters. Khun Charamporn, conceded to Nation TV in a talk-show aired on Tuesday night that the airline had taken a beating due to overspending and radical changes in technology. The airline’s salary expense, in particular payments for overtime, has been blamed by many experts as being responsible for the slide.  Though Khun Charamporn argued that THAI’s remuneration expenditure, accounting for 24-25 per cent of total expenditure, was lower than many European airlines (30 per cent), the real questions remain:

1) how do productivity levels of THAI employees compare with others?

2) TG salaries are according to Khun Charamporn 25% of total expenditures while the same number for European national carriers is 30%. Why is the difference so small when European salary costs per person are normally 4 to 5 times higher than those in Thailand?

The major reason why low end airlines like Norwegian (which sell tickets to and from Scandinavia at half or even less of what TG charge for the same) can sell their tickets so cheap is because they employ South East Asian staffs on board their aircraft’s! They use our competitive edge against us and they do it better than us even though only their in-flight staffs are South East Asian!

Dear Khun Charamporn, please make TG the airline everybody love again. Many have lost their love to TG, I still have mine but it is a very expensive love!

PS. A  first good step in your attempts to reach for the skies where TG belongs would be to bring back the multicolored in-flight staff uniforms or something else with Thai look and feel, TG in-flight staff shouldn’t dress like the overweight Americans we normally see in uniforms looking like those TG has today (I guess TG  have used an american image consultancy for uniforms and in-flight design, am I right?). Their are many great Thai designers who can help you, Patinya would be a good suggestion but their are others and please get rid of the Dreamliners, only a fool or a suicidal person would dare to fly them. They’re flying coffins.


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Tesfaye is the coming R&B star! He is a 24 years old Ethiopian Canadian singer with a wicked voice. He’s labeled as the dark side of R&B.  The music for 50 shades of grey is controversial and it is sometimes hard to digest but, it is a song for a very special movie. Not his first time in a controversial movie. I guess we all remember Hunger Games. Tesfaye is one of the best in the game right now!



Thailand has been politically set back due to its internal conflict. It is a tradition for countries in the West to employ political means in accordance with democratic norms to settle such a conflict.


military means are appropriate for security matters, not politics.


For decades, the US has worked with Asia-Pacific allies, and even more since the end of the Cold War, with partners like members of Asean to advance security, prosperity, and democracy throughout the region…  …Together, we’ve built a regional architecture and institutions to strengthen rule of law.


Dear Daniel Russel, Please keep your bull for your domestic market. We’re not buying in to it. With your beautiful words and incredible insight in democracy, I believe you will have a great future as Vice President of the United States of America under the most clever American the world has seen to date, Sarah Pailin.




“If you go to Sukhumvit Road, you can see the police looking for tourists who are smoking or drop a cigarette butt, then they ask them for their passport and make them pay 2,000 baht [just over $60]. I see this happening all the time,” says anticorruption politician Chuwit Kamolvisit.

The picture above is a couple of years old. It’s from the time when he kept his privately financed surveillance on a casino operated by family members of a very important person living in Dubai. He took them with their pants down when he presented the evidence of his surveillance in the parliament. I guess some Police officers have felt them being slapped on their bare asses recently

Published : 27 January, 2015 @ 4:07 pm

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The Thailand Classic will be one of the biggest events in Thailand this year. Don’t miss this chance to see fantastic golf played by the best in the world on one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world! And when you’re not watching golf, why not trying one of Hua Hin’s fabulous restaurants? The standard in Hua Hin is as good as you can get it in the Sukhumvit area. To be honest, Hua Hin at weekends is basically the same as Bangkok’s best areas the rest of the week (19,000 Bangkokians, most of them living in the Sukhumvit area, spend their weekends in Hua Hin)