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Purpose Fashion/Commercial Editorial Art
Dressed Underwear/bikini
Dressed Underwear/bikini
Bikini Topless Nude
Price per hour, incl print Magazine use:
THB 3,000 THB 5,000
THB 2,000 THB 3,000
Price per day, incl print Magazine use:
THB 15,000 THB 25,000
THB 10,000 THB 15,000
THB 6,000 THB 8,000 THB 10,000
TVC & Video, daily shooting price plus:
THB 75,000 THB 75,000
no xtra charge no xtra charge
no xtra charge no xtra charge no xtra charge

Feature movies, Events, Outdoor, Packaging & POS Materials: ASK FOR OFFER.

Half Day bookings will be booked as 60% of the full day price.

A Full Day is not over 10 hours, makeup time inclusive.

A total of four hours transport time to and from a Full Days Booking will not be charged.

Additional transport/hotel hours will be charged as hour, half day or full day.

Models/Talent must be given a healthy breakfast and lunch when booked full day.

Transports to and from locations must be done with a reliable transport company using modern (not older than 10 years) cars and/or busses.

When booked consecutive days on location, Models/Talent must be booked in at least 3-star hotels with appropriate cooling / heating system in the rooms and must be given a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

All prices above are based on 6 months use in one country only. Please ask for offer if you want to extend the period of time or geography.